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Glucose syrup is the sweet base for your baking and confectionery. It can also be used for ice cream and confectionery production.

The glucose syrup delays the recrystallization of sugar and provides softness, freshness and better preservation to your products, preventing them from drying out.

The glucose syrup is soluble in water and melts at a temperature of 60 ° C. To obtain the desired viscosity and fluidity, heat the syrup, but do not heat above 100 ° C, as this can lead to glucose drying!

A glucose syrup is a plasticizer and a crystallizer.

To ensure that the prepared glaze of any kind does not dry quickly, remains plastic and suitable for spreading, it is necessary to add a little glucose syrup (about 10% by weight) to the mixture. Just do not confuse — it is glucose, and not molasses, which is universally used in factories, as if making products cheaper, but in fact shamelessly spoil their products.

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